About US

While currencies and economies may rule our world, there is one more thing that’s more prevalent than money across all of our markets and industries: trade skills, goods and services.

The truth is, money exists as a commodity simply because it’s an easy way to quantify what our trade skills, goods and services are worth.

That’s why Swapaloop is changing the way people connect and conduct business using their talents and skills together. Swapaloop is a mobile app that lets people barter their skills as an exchange and business transaction. If you have skills, services and talents that can go beyond your financial limitations, Swapaloop is your answer.

Now chefs can offer food preparation and cooking in exchange for consultations from a variety of vendors and agents, artists can exchange their craft in exchange for fares or coupons of their favorite restaurants, or lawyers can give free services to accountants who will then help them with their financial needs – and the list goes on and on.

Here’s how works:

Each user can open their Swapaloop app, and start connecting– and enter what they need, and what they’re offering in return. You can either do this in person with another user, or simply list your skills and talents and wait for people to find you.

It’s that easy. A built-in chat service will help you connect and communicate with these.

We started Swapaloop because people have more to offer than just money. Let’s empower our well-being and our lives with our talents and skills – with Swapaloop, today!